MEIBAT and 3 manufacturers star.

Taking advantage of the opening of our new website and our role as exhibitors in MATELEC Industry, since MEIBAT, I want to introduce briefly 3 of our flagship manufacturers.

For those who are deeply involved in the field of industrial batteries, these three names you will sound: Midac, NorthStar y VISION.

And who's who?

  • Midac It is a European manufacturer of batteries, in less than 25 years has managed to become a leader in the market and expand globally. In addition, It is the only company producing on the same floor traction batteries and stationary. Definitely, MIDAC offers a quality product and constant innovation in its batteries, by testing both raw materials and finished products with, by this way, to ensure maximum reliability to its customers.

in MEIBAT, We are specialized in the stationary ranges, traction and traction MIDAC light providing our clients from a consulting service to see which model to the needs of our clients a service adapted to design supply and installation of equipment of this type batteries.


  • NorthStar It is a world leading US company in battery manufacturing high-performance pure lead. The NorthStar products guarantee customers high reliability, as it is the leading manufacturer in the market for innovation and differentiation of their batteries and "cabinets" because its production is in one of the most modern factories and automated world.

From MEIBAT we distribute the Premium ranges NorthStar: Red, Blue, UPS y Marine, recommended batteries for demanding applications.

With one of the most modern production plants in the industry, NorthStar has become the best choice for those who need batteries for applications demanding.


  • VISION besides being one of the largest manufacturers of AGM recognized worldwide for its high quality standards, It is one of the companies with the largest portfolio of industry products. Born in the Asian conteniente and publicly traded since 2014, VISION has to demonstrate through its R & D (one of the most qualified industry) and his extensive experience that Asian products can be quality.

In MEIBAT we took from 2007 working closely with VISION, I having become exclusive "partners" brand for Spain and Portugal. In addition, we have the best specialists in the sector VISION.


If you need more information on these, or other partners in contactadnos !


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