MEIBAT strong market enters African Telecom.

MEIBAT It is growing and is expanding internationally. What began as a small after-sales brand Saft service in the city of Barcelona, She has ended up becoming one of the distributors of industrial batteries most renowned in Spain.

MEIBAT It began its internationalization process beyond the 2013 y, just three years later, We have made great progress and have reached, with batteries of our manufacturers, places in the world who never thought we'd!

Earlier this year, MEIBAT made the last delivery of batteries for repeaters antennas nothing more and nothing less than in Sub-Saharan Africa, for the end customer Telecel Burkina Faso ( a telecommunications company with national coverage and is progressively increased its facilities throughout Africa.

From MEIBAT We could supply batteries for more than Telecel 200 masts; batteries as MFT but MIDAC ( ) which they are manufactured and designed specifically for this type of application.

Indian invasion of low quality batteries in sub-Saharan Africa made it difficult to foray into these markets but, companies such as Telecel after bad past experiences, They have found that low quality is a bad investment medium and long term. Definitely have realized that "cheapness, It is expensive "and it is best to rely on distributors with experience in business and supplying batteries manufacturers with proven quality.

All this has made Telecel decant by MIDAC and batteries. Add to that the large stock of this manufacturer adds VRLA batteries, which it is possible thanks to the unique cameras controlled temperature between battery manufacturers and process quality MIDAC factory in Soave.

All this has allowed MEIBAT meet the deadlines imposed by Telecel and, as we said at the beginning of the news, get strong in the African Market.

¡Esperamos y deseamos que este sea el comienzo de un crecimiento exponencial para Meibat y que le abra muchas más puertas dentro del continente Africano!

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