MEIBAT celebrates 25 years and does the best possible way.

It seems like yesterday when, in the city of Barcelona, a small shop after-sales service oriented SAFT batteries opened to both professionals and non-professionals. It was only 6 años después cuando el dueño del negocio decidió reorientar la empresa y dedicarse a la instalación y mantenimiento tanto de equipos como de baterías de Níquel Cadmio, thus becoming the leader in providing these services in Catalonia.

We had made a small gap in the market!

6 years later, coinciding with the millennium, MEIBAT begins a new project from the hand of a new team at all levels The current team begins!

After several years of effort and perseverance by all members of the company, we got to be one of the leading companies in the distribution of industrial batteries in Spain. This, along with two of the most important agreements reached with two manufacturers recognized for their high quality standards worldwide, MIDAC y VISION, They marked a milestone in the 15 years Company.

But we could not stay there! We had to progress, to go beyond! As many companies the economic crisis that hit different industries worldwide, We made us ask ourselves traveling beyond our borders.

We needed, but also the desire that we be known beyond the Spanish market. This made in 2013 us start the process of internationalization, process that required a lot of effort because we had to continue our core business in Spain, well beyond the borders and get other distribution partnerships with major battery manufacturers such as American NorthStar

He "go beyond" cost and much, but thanks to that now we are not "MEIBAT Spanish distributor of batteries ", if we do not we are "MEIBAT INTERNATIONAL DISTRIBUTOR BATTERY".

Looking back, we can not be more than satisfied with the results.

Thus, come our 25 birthday we wanted to celebrate with all of you and to share with you this great event.

We decided to make a change, but not a small change, but a BIG CHANGE, que va a hacer que MEIBAT se vea una empresa renovada, an updated business, a company that breaks completely with the traditional schemes of the B2B sector and we want you to introduce our new website (, completely renovated, much more visual and with all the content you may need within reach of your hand.

And as the 25 years of a company are not met every day, I want to communicate that we will be this year for the first time in our history and to celebrate the long-awaited anniversary, one of the industry fairs with great reputation both in Spain, as global level: MATELEC Industry.

We invite you to visit it us at our booth, Stand 3 A 14, and do not miss the opportunity to have a chat with us. We wait for you!

Finally, thank the team shape and has been part of this great small-project and to all who have trusted and have decided to go for us, because without you MEIBAT It would not have been possible.

Thank you and others 25 years!

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