In MEIBAT we renew our corporate image.

How many times have we heard the phrase "renew or die"?

From MEIBAT we have decided that, with our 25 birthday, It is time to change, to improve and renew our image, maintaining the values ​​that so far we had been representing, but adapting to the new times.

The world 3.0 governs today's society, we can say that "if you are not in Internet do not exist". This happens especially in the world of B2B trade in industrial products where the Internet takes on the role of showcase in which these dealers can show the world: Internet becomes a letter.

And what better way to have a good showcase to modernize and adapt to current trends? Well this is what we've been doing in MEIBAT from the month of July – "We want to show the world what a sector, such as industrial batteries, to which we belong and in which most companies maintain a fairly sober and serious image, You can also modernize. "

How we upgraded? On the one hand, We have updated our logo, adapting to current trends of "branding" in both form and color. For another, we can say that we have "created from scratch" our web .

Now website MEIBAT It has new sections, as manufacturers and news. In addition, It contains more information about the products of our partners with catalogs and technical specifications of their products. But, above all it is a web with a better design and improved usability.

Leveraging our participation in MATELEC Industry as an exhibitor, from MEIBAT present, along the 4 days of the Fair, our new image.

This new image, as we said, It represents a complete change, that breaks with traditional schemes of the sector and modernizing the company to the outside, It will continue to defend and support the values ​​of honesty, trust and company effort, through which MEIBAT has managed to be recognized among its customers as a supplier capable of providing solutions every day, definitely, a trusted provider.

You want to know more about our new image? Visit us at Stand 3A14 MATELEC Industry (Of the 25 al 28 October)



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