The new lithium batteries are characterized Vision, above all, safe technology that prevents that they explode or catch fire due to overload. In addition, their discharge cycles are around the 2000 compared to the traditional 300 VRLA batteries and not suffer thermal leak, because are prepared for this to the include in its structure a component called PTC.

Product standards

View lithium batteries are manufactured with the most advanced technology in Europe. They are made with the technology of pasting and plates, What makes life longer and greater performance. This battery presents exceptional performance at low temperature and protects the environment.

General characteristics

  • One of the leading brands in Europe and the owner of the patent of the GY technology.
  • Unmatched performance
  • 25% lighter than the traditional sealed lead acid battery
  • Useful life of 15 years
  • Instant shock performance greater than competitors
  • Battery installed in racks, with what is reducing costs of installation and transportation


  • Communication and control of telecommunications equipment
  • Emergency lighting systems
  • Electric power systems
  • Central electric
  • Nuclear power plants
  • Systems solar and wind
  • Load leveling equipment, storage and medical
  • From power plants
  • Alarm systems
General specifications
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