Las baterías HFS y HPS de Vision se caracterizan por tener una rejilla con una mayor resistencia a la corrosión, a life long waterline and a low self-discharge, Thanks to the adoption of a unique formula of alloy and a strict control of the production process.

On the other hand, lead powder of these batteries presented a stable oxidation and a granular formulation consistent with high current undergoing the battery using the programmed automatic control.

Finally, lead paste is characterized by its high discharge, by its Hich power, by their, deep discharge cycles, by a compacted automatic pasta and a control system real-time temperature thanks to the adoption of a unique formula of lead paste.

General characteristics

  • Composed of plates with alloy of Tin and calcium which prolong the useful life of the battery with a minimum growth of grid, at the same time allowing a reduction of the water-gas con.
  • AGM technology which allows the efficient recombination of gas up to a 99% and a performance free of maintenance.
  • Container and flame retardant cover (8UL 94-Vo)
  • Can be used independently of the orientation
  • Not restricted to land or air transport
  • Recognition UL
  • Low self-discharge rate
  • Very high power with 10 years of design at @25 ° C (excepto gama HPS)
General specifications
ModelData sheet
HFS12-115W-X-1download catalog Data sheet
HFS12-150W-X-1download catalog Data sheet
HFS12-200W-X-1download catalog Data sheet
HFS12-320W-X-1download catalog Data sheet
HFS12-400W-X-1download catalog Data sheet
HFS12-420W-X-1download catalog Data sheet
HFS12-450W-X-1download catalog Data sheet
HFS12-500W-X-1download catalog Data sheet
HFS12-540W-X-1download catalog Data sheet
HFS12-560W-Xdownload catalog Data sheet
HFS12-710W-Xdownload catalog Data sheet
HFS12-820WS-X-1download catalog Data sheet
HPS12-28Wdownload catalog Data sheet
HPS12-36Wdownload catalog Data sheet