View the CG series batteries are manufactured with a special separator and colloidal silica. The silica of these batteries is used to immobilize the electrolyte inside the battery.

This technology has shown to improve performance in cold climates and the duration of the cycle of the battery. The discharge cycles are a 50% greater than the AGM battery.

Product standards

View batteries comply with JIS Standards, DIN, IEC60896-21 / 22 and BS6290-4.

In addition, in Vision Group we have ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified and we have obtained both the UL recognition (MH25860) as CE for all our battery models.

All this makes that our batteries are compatible with the requirements of equipment to level world.

General characteristics

  • Quality and high reliability
  • High density power.
  • Excellent recovery after a total discharge.
  • Insensitive to occasional deep discharges.
  • Life useful more long
  • German PVC separator
  • Friendly to the environment
  • At the height of the regulations
  • Insensitive to occasional deep discharges


  • Cable TV
  • Telecommunications
  • Wheelchair
  • Wind and solar energy systems
  • Marine equipment, medical and military
  • Central electric
  • Systems of security
General specifications
ModelData sheet
CG12-75Adownload catalog Data sheet
CG12-75TXdownload catalog Data sheet
CG12-150Xdownload catalog Data sheet
CG12-200Xdownload catalog Data sheet