We are a company with long and extensive experience in the industrial batteries' sector. More than 30 years of experience in this area, We are one of the leading companies in the industry among customers and suppliers.



In MEIBAT we work only with manufacturers that offer quality products. Our experts analyze, homologate and meticulously select our future "partners" , to be able to offer our customers, quality products and services at the best price.

Lithium: for a more sustainable future

Lithium batteries

With a 98% efficiency, in front of 80% Lead battery, and ensuring +4000 cycles in a 80% DoD in operation; Lithium batteries represent the latest technological innovation in industrial vehicle batteries, in addition to being, now, the most friendly technology, with the environment.

and Meibat, aware of the need to fight for a more sustainable planet, we have joined our manufacturers to promote and distribute new technologies Lithium, Industrial Battery. Now, We are the only Spanish company, that can offer certified lithium-ion technology, for all industrial applications (traction, UPS, Telecom, 5G, solar).
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